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An agricultural company reduces costs by automating sustainability reporting

Sisko Sisko

An agricultural company reduces costs by automating sustainability reporting

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Our Technology Partner


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The Client


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Customer challenge


Every week, the Ingham’s team manually recorded energy, water & gas readings across 26 different sites to create a corporate sustainability report. They had to do manual reads of water and gas meters and download energy and production unit data from the SCADA system from the 26 sites. All this data was captured in Excel and then a report was created. This manual process required a full-time role to coordinate it and often resulted in data entry errors and costly round-trips to correct them.



The solution


AZZO installed an EcoStruxure Power architecture and our Sustainability KPI Report to automate the process. First, we installed pulse counters on the water and gas meters in all 26 sites. Then, we installed EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert and connected it to the pulse meters. We used the PME OPC Client to connect to the SCADA system and log the energy and production units.


AZZO then built regression models of the production line which modeled the water, gas and energy usage per production unit. We used those models as the baseline in the Xpert Sustainability KPI Report and compared it to the actual values. The report was configured to email alerts when limits are exceeded vs. the baseline expectation.


The Xpert Sustainability Report is scheduled to be emailed to the management team each week.





With the complete automation of the sustainability reporting process, the full-time role was shifted to move value-added work. The data quality errors were eliminated boosting the management team’s confidence in the results and their ability to make actionable decisions.


The automated report has allowed the production team to improve their process overall – they now use the link in the report to open up the corresponding PME screen and drill into root causes when a target is missed.  They log causes and countermeasures within the report as well.


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