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Healthcare Facility System Integration and the IoT Revolution

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Healthcare Facility System Integration and the IoT Revolution

Effective system integration is a must when managing a healthcare facility’s digital transformation – find out how EcoStruxure software and our Technology Partners can help.




As building operations become more digitized and connected, so much depends on effective system integration for IIOT healthcare facilities management. It’s critical for the safety of the many patients and workers in the hospital – and it can have a big impact on a hospital’s bottom line.


A Path to Healthcare Facilities Management Hyper-Efficiency


Resiliency, hyper-efficiency, sustainability, and people-focused operational strategies are key tenets of any organization today. To support you through your digital transformation, Exchange brings together industry experts and resources to help healthcare facility operations capitalize on the IIoT revolution…


System Integration and EcoStruxure: A Future-Ready Solution


Our EcoStruxure™ for Healthcare software solutions solve facility challenges including operations, security, advanced power monitoring, IT, and proactive energy performance optimization through a digital platform.


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Whether it’s one or all the above you need, our healthcare system integrator partners can help you implement our software and services in the most efficient way possible for your organization.


A Case Study in Cost-Savings and Sustainability


Relying on EcoStruxure™ solutions and the help of systems integrator expert Comfort Laboratory (a Master-level EcoXpert), Grand Medica Hospital in Russia has successfully implemented a state-of-the-art solution for climate control, security management, and energy efficiency.


In just a few months with EcoStruxure, Grand Medica has already achieved tangible results:


  • Reduced electrical operational costs by 20%
  • Reduced thermal energy consumption by nearly a third
  • An optimized electrical distribution system for future upgrades
  • $176,000 in CapEx savings due to product compatibility


Watch their success story below (make sure video Subtitles/Closed Captions are enabled)…




How System Integration Partnerships Work


Comfort Laboratory, EcoXpert Partner and expert in system integration, was instrumental in Grand Medica’s impressive results. Hear from CEO Aleksandr Sutyagin below on how and why he partnered with us on Exchange. 


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"We were only visible in Russia, so we decided to promote and sell our Smart Connectors worldwide using the Schneider Electric Exchange platform."

-Aleksandr Sutyagin, CEO Comfort Laboratory


From the early stages of its partnership with Schneider Electric, Comfort Laboratory has made intensive use of Schneider Electric Exchange to drive business.


First, they leveraged the power of our communities and dedicated forums to get support and build their solutions. Then, they amplified their business reach by using the marketplace to promote and sell their solutions to other system integrators.


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Still curious? Watch this short video from CEO Aleksandr Sutyagin and discover how Schneider Electric Exchange helped Comfort Laboratory successfully transform into an international business with new customers well beyond their traditional markets.