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Microsoft Outlook integration to EBO

Lieutenant JG Lieutenant JG
Lieutenant JG

Microsoft Outlook integration to EBO

hello guys, 


anyone know a connector that interface Microsoft outlook into EBO ?

I need to use it to integrate a simple meeting room reservation into our solution , if any solution available please advise.


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Spock | EcoXpert Master Spock | EcoXpert Master
Spock | EcoXpert Master

Re: Microsoft Outlook integration to EBO

I'm curious too, I think it would be best to also post in the EcoStruxure Building Operation Forum to have a wider audience that may have ideas. 


I have seen something about using Google Calendar and integrating into EBO, it is a SmartConnector published by Schneider Electric, I haven't looked into whether it is free or paid or tried to make use of it yet.  My thought was if there is no easy method of Outlook or Office365 Integration for calendars, then anyone could send an invite to a generic Google Calendar, which would reserve a room, or alternately in my case I was thinking about using for off-hours Temporary Occupancy requests by tenants. 


Scott Depner, Software Engineering Manager, BCM Controls Corporation,
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