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MQTT Topic format in EBO


MQTT Topic format in EBO

Hi, we have successfully set-up the MQTT interface on an EBO v3 server using the YouTube video "How to Publish EBO Data to Azure IoT Hub via MQTT Protocol | Schneider Electric Support" - however we are not connecting to an Azure instance, we are connecting to a self hosted mosquitto broker. 


My problem is that I am seeing an "=" sign at the start of the topic structure which I am not expecting to see and I cannot work out why. For example on my broker at I am seeing:


/UCL/EBO which contains the value "= /SarelES/Escalators/E24/Values/Response_2/Value = 0"


what I was hoping to get was:


/UCL/EBO/SarelES/Escalators/E24/Values/Response_2/Value = 0"


ie without the = before the /SarelES


Have been looking through settings but cannot see where I am going wrong. Any suggestions on where to look or if the MQTT configuration is not designed to work in this way?


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Re: MQTT Topic format in EBO

What are your settings in the data group?

Perhaps moving from the Topic to Prefix could help you, and how does your Value Format look?


I have used this as Value Format for example: 



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