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The Telemetry and Remote SCADA Forums

Sisko Sisko

The Telemetry and Remote SCADA Forums

Dear All,


It's been a couple of months since the forum started here on Exchange and I hope you all agree that it has been a success!


By importing the old postings we have a continued history of information to draw on, and over time more questions, information and updates will come. Already the Telemetry and Remote SCADA community is one of the most active within the Exchange community and I thank you for your participation. Exchange is expanding as a marketplace, development and collaboration workspace so we will have more exciting features to explore in future.


As you post to the forum I'd like to remind you to:

1) Check using the search features whether your question might have been asked before.

2) There are offline resources (F1 help) and online (Resource Center) to help you too.

3) Keep the postings at a professional level - about technical issues.

4) And always remember that others may be differently experienced and are to be treated with respect.


I look forward to your continued contributions.




Kind regards

Steve Beadle