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Geo SCADA Expert – Sparkplug B Sample Driver Available Now

Sisko Sisko

Geo SCADA Expert – Sparkplug B Sample Driver Available Now

Sparkplug B is a specification for MQTT-enabled devices and applications to send and receive messages with a standard payload format oriented to SCADA applications.


We have introduced a Sparkplug B driver kit for Geo SCADA Expert. The driver is offered as source code which you can build with Visual Studio. It includes the two parts of the driver and an installer, enabling you to build a package to deploy to Geo SCADA Expert servers.


Offering this as free and Open Source through Exchange Shop will encourage engagement with the Geo SCADA driver development process and explore the new ideas presented for Sparkplug B implementation with Geo SCADA.


The download file consists of a PDF document which contains information and download links for:

  • Sparkplug B protocol
  • Simple Driver Development Kit reference
  • Sparkplug B payload libraries and samples.

The functionality in the driver includes basic data processing, and the feature which we hope will stimulate innovation and conversation is the built-in automatic configuration facility. This integrates well with the Geo SCADA template and instance features.


Go to Exchange Shop to find out more.