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[import] Low Power Sleep mode in Trio M Series licensed radio

>>Message imported from previous forum - Category:Trio Data Radios<<
User: joelw, originally posted: 2018-10-16 22:01:40 Id:43
This is a re-posting from the obsoleted (October 2018) "Schneider Electric Telemetry & SCADA" forum.




In some applications, for example when using a radio with the ABB TotalFlow gas flow computer, or in many other alternative power installations, low power consumption is required. Minimizing power consumption can significantly reduce the cost of the required hardware.

In a typical TotalFlow installation, the gas flow computer wakes the radio every four seconds and then waits 350 ms to see if an incoming message is heard. If none is heard the flow computer shuts down the radio. This drops power consumption dramatically as the radio is only powered on for about 10% of the time. Alternately, any controller (eg PLC or RTU) could simply power down the radio and leave it off until required, perhaps for an hourly status update.

To achieve this with the Trio M Series remote radio, the system designer enables an externally controlled Sleep Mode in the radio. When Sleep mode is enabled, the radio watches pin 8 of the serial port. (normally the CTS pin) Once this pin is pulled to ground the radio enters Sleep Mode within 10 milliseconds. The radio will not enter Sleep Mode if it has data in its transmit buffer waiting to be sent, to protect the integrity of outgoing data.

In order to make use of Sleep Mode, the customer must purchase the required hardware option, to be installed in the radio at the factory. This is specified in the M Series model number: MR450x-xxx-Lxx, where L denotes that the Sleep Mode option is installed.

When in sleep mode the radio, with a serial device connected, will nominally draw 13mA at 13.8 volts. Start up time to normal operation is 75ms, and the radio enters Sleep Mode within 10ms. M Series firmware version R3.10.0 onwards supports Sleep Mode.

**Configuration Steps to use Sleep Mode**:

- In order to use Sleep mode, ensure you order M Series radios with the L option
- Connect to each radio with the configuration cable and perform a Read with the M Series programmer
- In the RF Parameters area click on the Advanced button
- Enable the Sleep mode option then click Ok
- Save the configuration then Write it to the radio
- Tie pin 8 of the radio (normally CTS) to the TotalFlow's SWVBATT line, or to a digital output of an RTU/PLC which can drive pin 8 to ground.
- The radio and controller will also need a common ground. (eg via the power supply)