Q radio firmware upgrade using TVIEW


Q radio firmware upgrade using TVIEW

Hi trying to use TVIEW 3/27/0 to upgrade firmware on the Q radios to firmware However once the firmware zip file is selected and upload firmware chosen it appears to only progress 200/3952417 then will say upgrade complete after period of time. The new firmware obviously is not visible as the alternate on the list. All are currently using firmware 2.1.8

Lieutenant JG

Re: Q radio firmware upgrade using TVIEW

Sounds like you are attempting to do a Broadcast firmware upgrade to several Q radios. (or perhaps just to one radio, but over the air) An informal procedure for doing this is attached. A couple of notes to be really clear about:

- It's critical all devices (computer port setup, software tool, ALL radios) use the same IP mask

- The entry point radio must have its filtering firewall set to Allow All. (at least temporarily)


If you continue to have issues after following the attached procedure, please contact our Tech Support team. They can typically deal with time-sensitive support issues more quickly.


SupportTRSS@se.com  or...



Joel Weder
Telemetry Solutions Specialist
Schneider Electric