[Imported] Which location for a 900MHz yagi?


[Imported] Which location for a 900MHz yagi?

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The existing 900MHz yagi is mounted up tight against a steel walled building. The graphic image is in the attachment, and shows a 'looking down' view. Low signal strength between the two points requires some remedial action. Radios are 1W FHSS ethernet radios.
My question is which is the best location to remount the antenna with a extended horizontal mast?
The location that places some of the steel wall behind the yagi or almost no steel behind the yagi?_**


Just joined the forum, and saw this question, which no one answered.

Really, I don't think it matters much. A Yagi has by its very nature a directional characteristic; signal is 'aimed' toward the narrow end. What is behind it (behind the longer, or reflector elements) has less effect.

What would be bad would be aiming the yagi parallel with the wall; and esp. close to it (within a couple wavelengths - at 900 MHz, a wavelength is about 12 inches. But that's now what you've diagrammed.

If you've installed, what has been your finding?