[Imported] What is the proper base station to use?


[Imported] What is the proper base station to use?

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Hello, I have questions regarding the use of the proper base station for ClearSCADA. We currently have MR450 serial radios.
1: Can the MR450 communicate Point to Point with the ER45e Ethernet radios? (I'm assuming no, but not quite familar with Trio products)
2: Looking at the quick start guide for the MR450 it shows to use EB450 base station but from the looks of it, it does not support LAN to the Host computer, only Serial?
3: If I want to use an Ethernet base station I would have to use EB45e? But can you talk to MR450 radios? I've read that other people are using a mix of E series and M series radios, but how are they accomplishing this?
4: If I wanted an Ethernet base station for the host computer do I have to use an EB45e? can i just use an ER45e? would there be any issues with performance?
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1. The Ex45e is the same radio model as the Ex450, just with one of the serial ports replaced with an Ethernet port. It is still a serial based radio. It is still usable in M series mode.
2. You can use the EB45e or a terminal server to convert from Ethernet TCP/IP to RS232/RS485 etc for the EB450 serial port
3. As above..
4. The ER45e is not recommended for continuous operation (compared to a base station). For the same reason the ER / MR radios may not always be suitable for use in peer-to-peer operation with continuous transmission.