[Imported] Valid data bit for Realflo in a Scadapack or Scadapack LP


[Imported] Valid data bit for Realflo in a Scadapack or Scadapack LP

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I have several Scadapack and Scadapack LPs that are connected to Instromet Ultrasonic meters, which calculate gas flow through high speed counters and Realflo. The gas stream that they measure is sometimes wet and contaminated which will cause the ultrasonic to register flow even when the valves are shut. Is there any way to have realflo calculate flow only when the valve is open and ignore the high speed counter input when the valve is shut._**


This is a bit late but you could run a bit of logic in Telepace or IsaGraf that does exactly what you are asking for, then map the output of that logic to the RealFLO input instead of using the physical I/O point. I'm not 100% sure of the best way to implement this, maybe have the input get mapped to a register which will freeze when the valve is closed. When the point is frozen, another register counts the offset between the frozen point and the physical HSC point. This offset could be used when the frozen point goes live again (RealFLO input = HSC - Offset point). You'd have to see how this works on a rollover and ensure that gets handled correctly as well.