[Imported] Trio (SCADAWave) and SNMP


[Imported] Trio (SCADAWave) and SNMP

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Customer question:
Do the SCADAWave radios have SNMP built in so you can monitor radio network status and sent out alarms in a SCADA host?_**


The Ethernet-based J Series and Q Series data radios do indeed support SNMP. The older E, M and K data radios are inherently serial products, so do not support SNMP.

As alternatives, if your goal is to monitor the radio system, that can also be done through our TView+ Management Suite Diagnostics package or the ClearSCADA Host software. If you are using a different SCADA Host you can use an ODBC link or Microsoft Access (.mdb) connection to gather data from TView Diagnostics.

This is documented in the TView Management Suite User Manual, which is available in Start | Programs | Trio Datacom after installing TView+ Management Suite. If you need a copy please let us know.