[Imported] Telnet & Hyperterminal not available in Win7 & newer


[Imported] Telnet & Hyperterminal not available in Win7 & newer

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The Trio J Series Ethernet radio can be configured & diagnostics run either using the web interface or a text based interface. Many users prefer the text interface as it is quicker and less bandwidth intensive than the web interface._**


With Telnet, either via the command line Telnet tool or via Hyperterminal, the user can access the text interface via a radio's LAN port or over the air. This is the quickest way to talk to a radio. As long as you know its IP address you can work very efficiently. And even if you don't know the radio's IP address you can still talk to the radio's text interface (by default) on serial Port A, at 19200 8N1.

Yet in Windows Vista and Windows 7 computers the required Hyperterminal or command line Telnet software is not by default available. What can you do?

In fact you have several options. One is to enable Telnet (yes it IS in Win7 and Vista, just hidden!) Here's how:

1. Click on Start
2. Click on Control Panel
3. Go to Programs or Programs and Features as required
4. Click Turn Windows Features On Or Off
5. In the Windows Features dialog box, tick the Telnet Client check box
6. Click OK

Many people are not aware that Hyperterminal has the inherent ability to perform Telnet communications. Yet this functionality has been available for years. All you need, to do either serial or Telnet communication, is a copy of Hyperterminal or a similar program.

You can purchase Hyperterminal "Private Edition" from the Hilgrave website: http://www.hilgraeve.com/hyperterminal.html for (currently) about $60 USD. Not a bad deal, but if you still have a Windows XP machine you can simply copy your existing Hyperterminal files to the new computer.

Required files are:
- hypertrm.dll Found in C:\\Windows\\System32
- hypertrm.exe Found in C:\\Program Files\\Windows NT

Simply copy those files into any directory on your machine and it will work.

If you'd rather use another terminal program, try PuTTY. Here's some very basic instructions:

1. Go to http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/download.html
2. Download Windows Installer file putty-0.60-installer.exe (or newer)
3. Install the file, allowing it to install in the default location.
4. Run PuTTY. The default Connection type is SSH.
5. Change the default to Telnet. Type the radio's IP address. Port 23 is ok.
6. Click Open to begin a session.
7. OR change the default Connection type to Serial, enter the desired serial port and baud rate, then click Open.