[Imported] Stream ID Basic Functionality


[Imported] Stream ID Basic Functionality

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Stream ID's (SID's) can be used with the E, M and K Series radios to route a message from the Host to one specific Remote radio or group of Remotes. Messages going into a serial port at the Master radio will be assigned a specific Tx SID. This SID will stay with all packets sent via this port unless a Translate is done at a repeater location. In either case, the data packet will reach ALL radios which have the same SID on their Rx side. (only exception is where a repeater is set up to repeat only a limited range of SID's)

The only way to route one message so ONLY a specific RTU hears it, and the next to another specific RTU, would be to use more than one serial port. The E series have two ports for this reason. The second port can be configured to have a different Tx and Rx SID, and thus repeaters can route the packets differently.