[Imported] Scadapack 357, Telepace Studio, OMNI flow, as Slave


[Imported] Scadapack 357, Telepace Studio, OMNI flow, as Slave

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I have a 357, using Telepace Studio, being a slave and an OMNI Flow computer as Master.
I am seeing the send/receive lights flicker, bit to seeing any data into my mapped registers.
Here's what I see with Modsim:


Seems pretty straight forward.
The modbus registers you're using aren't valid for the slave device...
Not surprising when you're trying to access holding register address 44410.. I.e. HR 444411
6digit Modbus addressing is not very common

You should read up more on Modbus 🙂


Now I am confused. The ScadaPack is the slave, using registers 44410 as a start. The OMNI is the Master trying to send the ScadaPack, as slave, the registers.
No idea about the "6 digit modbus" comment.
OMNI is sending 44410 to me at 44411. I have 44400 to 44450 open to receive the writes from the OMNI.
Part of the issue is that the OMNI is not ours and I can't tinker on that side._**


Read some more about Modbus
[http://www.simplymodbus.ca/FAQ.htm](http://www.simplymodbus.ca/FAQ.htm "http://www.simplymodbus.ca/FAQ.htm")

Look at the addresses you sent in your 'Master' frame.

It appears the OMNI is misconfigured.


The beloved OMNI flow computer, when posed with the 16 function code to write multiple variable, implies the 40000, thus all the OMNI as the master only has to designate the last four digits._**

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