[Imported] SCADAWave 5907 radio - What model is this?


[Imported] SCADAWave 5907 radio - What model is this?

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I am new to radios and am currently configuring a SCADAWave 5907 and I just got the Trio TView+ software but I can't figure out what series this model is?_**


Hi Brad,

You have a Freewave FGR serial license-free 900 MHz radio which is attached to a 5907 adapter board to power up the radio. This is actually called a model 5908 package when sold by CMI. You can use Freewave's Tool Suite or EZ Config software, or even Hyperterminal to configure the radio. The attached document describes how to do it.


Attached file: (editor/ki/0l0orm7xxsb4.pdf), 5908 FreeWave Radio Configuration Quick Start _rev 7_.pdf File size: 356487