[Imported] Repeating in an Ethernet E Series System


[Imported] Repeating in an Ethernet E Series System

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User: joelw, originally posted: 2018-10-17 22:46:53 Id:123
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It has been asked whether the Ethernet E Series radios have a store & forward capability, and how best to do repeating with these radios. If you need licensed radios, and also need multiple repeaters, then the answer is to use the newer Q Series radios in IP Routing mode. However, a system using Ethernet E Series radios (Ex45e) can include one repeater.

One Ethernet radio must always be configured as the system's Access Point, but it does not need to be at the Host site. You can put it out at a repeater location, then enable Ethernet Peer to Peer repeating in that radio. (In the Stream ID dialog) It will be smart enough to only repeat Ethernet packets which need to be repeated, keeping traffic to a minimum. It will also be smart enough, with Collision Avoidance enabled and better if a full-duplex type is installed, (an EB45e, or an ER45e with Y option, and a duplexer) to control the network in a way that minimizes collisions. (Ethernet is notorious for generating lots of collisions)

**NOTE**: It is only allowable to include ONE repeater in an Ethernet E Series system, which must be the Access Point.

My recommendation is to use a full duplex ER45e (Y option) or EB45e (both need a duplexer) at the repeater site, allowing smart repeating of only necessary packets. These radios have minimal bandwidth and we need to make the best use of it that we can by giving the system as much intelligence as possible. But if necessary a half duplex or simplex radio can do store & forward repeating. Be aware that this will reduce the system's efficiency.