[Imported] Problem with read/write variable in Workbench and modbus


[Imported] Problem with read/write variable in Workbench and modbus

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User: mchartrand, originally posted: 2018-10-18 19:37:10 Id:133
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I'm trying to read and write a variable via modbus to a point in the ScadaPack. In E-configurator I'm configuring a 32bit analog point which is mapped to a Modbus address. This same point is also used in my Workbench application, configured as an IO Device as RTU_RAW_WRITE. The problem I'm having is that the workbench seems to have only read access or write access, not read/write. If I configure a variable to be VarInput then it can't be writen in the program, and if I configure a variable as a VarOutput then the devices that access this point via Modbus can't write on it. How can I configure the point to be read/write?_**


In ISaGRAF/SCADAPack Workbench essentially you can't.

For what you want to do, I would recommend the following:
a) Configure the IO Device (In SCADAPack Workbench) as an Input (or as an output status)
b) Use the OPERATE instruction anytime you want to force change the value


Thanks, I'm going to try this solution._**