[Imported] Multi-Master Sync


[Imported] Multi-Master Sync

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Do the license-free Trio radios (KR and JR) have any kind of ability to sync multiple masters at single site? Some radios have a feature called "Multi-Master Sync" so that multiple masters on one tower will sync their transmits and receives (ie, all transmit at the same time, then receive at the same time), so that no master is transmitting while another is receiving, to prevent inter-master noise. Thanks!_**


Hi, I found the answer to my question on the K series. For anyone else interested, the answer is yes, but the radios have to be hooked together with a cable (pin 9 on port B )._**


Two additional comments here:

1) It is possible to sync both J Series Access Points and K Series Masters at the same site. (co-located) The only requirement is that the hop speed be the same in both radios. J Series and K Series systems cannot talk to each other but can avoid interfering with each other.

2) If the master radios are not close enough to connect with a cable, but are close enough to interfere with each other, you can do a GPS sync. GPS receivers with a 1pps (pulse per second) output are used at each radio. This requires a jumper change (under the cover) and a configuration change. All co-located master radios are set for GPS Sync in the serial port B Advanced dialog.