[Imported] Most efficient K/J Series repeater?


[Imported] Most efficient K/J Series repeater?

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Got this question from a customer. As it comes up quite a bit, here it is along with the reply:_**

**_What is more efficient? Point to multipoint using KwikStream repeater or point to point with link extend bridge (dual antenna)._**


Point To MultiPoint with a KwikStream (Peer to Peer) Repeater would definitely be more efficient. Two main reasons:

1) In a Point to Point system each radio (Master and Remote) is assigned 50% of each hop time, whether it needs it or not. In a Point to Multipoint system the amount of time given to each radio during a hop is variable depending on need.

2) A KwikStream Repeater is more efficient than a Bridge Repeater, and should be used as long as only one repeater is required. A Bridge Repeater talks (sends & receives data) upstream towards its Master on one hop, then talks downstream to Remotes and/or other Bridges on the next hop. If each hop interval is not fully used by a specific message the unused time is wasted. In a KwikStream (Peer to Peer) Repeater, the repeater is also the system's Master radio. It is capable of doing multiple upstream/downstream transmissions within a single hop time, thus filling each hop duration as fully as possible with messages.

3) Using a LinkXtend (dual antenna) Bridge configuration instead of a single antenna Bridge will not change the repeater's efficiency. It still sends/receives upstream on one hop (but using the ANT1 port) and then sends/receives downstream on the next hop. (using the ANT2 port)