[Imported] Modbus Values from Generator


[Imported] Modbus Values from Generator

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User: mchartrand, originally posted: 2018-10-25 14:50:30 Id:216
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I am having a specific problem getting the fuel level from a decision maker 3000 generator controller. Using modscan directly connected to the generator via laptop I can get the value from register 417000 as stated in the manual for the analog input associated with the fuel level, but I cannot figure out how to use the MSIP command to get this register. Will I have to re-map it somehow to a register that the scadapack 334 can read?



If you're using ISaGRAF, then an IO Board should do the job.
Whether your SCADApack supports ISaGRAF is unknown, you didn't say what SCADApack.

Whether Modbus RTU / TCP is unknown, you didn't say which.

The Modbus address you've typed is a 6-digit address, the older ISaGRAF v3 may not have supported this (I can't remember). ISaGRAF v5 (SCADApack Workbench 6) does for E-series SCADApacks.


I have several of the older 3000's and I take the 40039 register (Fuel Rate* (RO WORD) /Gallons/Hour x 100 (ECM only)) and run it with a clock to figure the fuel burn and resultant fuel left scenario?