[Imported] Maximum distance specifications


[Imported] Maximum distance specifications

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The question often arises "how far can your radios reach?" This is not as easy to answer as it sounds._**


Yes there is an ideal maximum range, presuming very tall towers (can you afford 300 foot towers, or maybe you have mountains available?) and nothing in the way. For our 900 MHz spread spectrum radios this maximum is about 70 km. (or 43 miles) For the 450 MHz licensed radios this ideal distance is somewhat greater, but the tower heights must increase to go much farther. (otherwise one or both sites must be on large hills or mountains)

In reality however, the terrain and obstacles such as trees and buildings will have great effect on the actual distance. Real world tower heights are constrained by budgets and municipal regulations. It's a rare system that can afford 200-400 foot towers, so often hills or mountains are used to gain height.

If you want to have a fairly reliable indicator of maximum range, the only good way to to this is to do a path analysis. This can be done with software such as Path Loss or Radio Mobile. Schneider Electric will do a path study for you if requested. Fill out the attached spreadsheet (using the pdf document also included as guidance) then send it to TRSSpathstudy[at]schneider-electric.com

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