[Imported] K Series Radio link failing


[Imported] K Series Radio link failing

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Does anyone have some guidelines on how to properly configure the K Series Radio for stable communication with an SCADAPack non E-Series and ClearSCADA? I have set up one master and one remote radio. In the remote radio, SCADAPack 314 is connected to serial port A of the radio which is configured as DNP3 port. TView Diagnostics shows that the radio link is stable, but the polling/communication via ClearSCADA is not.
We manage to have the link working for several hours but suddenly we have an outstation failure in ClearSCADA and were not able to establish the link again. Hopefully someone can provide some idea if they have experienced the same case.
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It's difficult to know where to start with an issue as broadly defined as this. Typically the standard settings will work quite well (eg just use the Wizard to set up your radios, then provide a unique Network Name and turn the power up to 30 dBm)

However, you did not say what the results of your testing with TView Diagnostics were. At the default radio data rate of 128 kbps the receiver sensitivity is -104 dBm. For a reliable path you want a fade margin of at least 20 dB, so you want to see receive signal levels (RSSI) of -84 dBm or stronger. The VSWR must also be low (below 2) at both sites.

It is also possible that you may also be experiencing interference issues. You can run the spectrum analyzer in your radios (with the Master disabled so you don't see any of its transmissions) to look for any strong signals.

Would be a very good idea to have a discussion with our Tech Support team rather than wait an extended time for a response here on the Forum. They can be reached by calling 1-888-226-6876 or by emailing SupportTRSS[at]schneider-electric.com

Tech Support would typically want to get a copy of the radio config files, a copy of the mdb TView Diagnostics database file, and a description or drawing of the system layout.