[Imported] How to obtain Frequency License and how does it work?


[Imported] How to obtain Frequency License and how does it work?

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How to obtain Frequency License and how does it work?_**


Schneider Electric and Trio do not get directly involved in helping a customer to acquire a license. You can contact the FCC (in the USA) directly if you wish, but it can be challenging.

My typical suggestion is to contact a service agency such as Enterprise Wireless Alliance. (http://www.dci-lao.com/ or 1-800-886-4222) National License has also been reported to be a good alternative. They do charge fees beyond the cost of the FCC license itself, but it is often worth that cost to expedite the process.

In Canada it is more common to work directly with Industry Canada. Their contact information for a specific area's office can be found with a quick web search or by looking in the federal government listings in the phone book. (http://www.strategis.gc.ca/spectrum is their home page)

If suitable frequencies are available, a license can often be acquired in 2-4 weeks. (presuming the paperwork is all properly filled out)

Industry Canada tells me that they charge an annual fee per site, multiplied by the number of frequencies used. (eg half duplex costs twice what simplex costs) The fee is currently $68 per site per frequency on an annual basis.