[Imported] FIPS Encryption Validation


[Imported] FIPS Encryption Validation

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As we all know cyber security is a hot topic as of recently. I have had several jobs now (government) that require licensed radios that meet FIPS encryption validation. It is a part of the NIST cyber security guidelines I believe. Long story short we have yet to find a data radio that meets the latest FIPS validation and will provide documentation that it in fact does. Trio have been my go to radios and this opportunity was for hundreds of radios.
1) Are you guys aware of this?
2) Is this something in the works?
3) How quickly can I expect changes to happen if this is in the works?
Let me know your thoughts..._**


Hi Robert,

I checked with the Product Manager on this issue. We are not currently working on a FIPS 140 solution for the Trio radios. It is not in our Roadmap at this point either. (long term planning) If you can provide any more information about the opportunity being missed, please let us know. That sort of feedback (with hard numbers!) helps with planning. (you can email me directly with that information at joel.weder[at]schneider-electric.com)

Trio radios do however provide AES 256 encryption end-to-end. As well, for administrative security, user login can be enabled requiring username & password, HTTPS can be enabled, and SSH remote text interface can be enabled. (HTTP and Telnet can be disabled)