[Imported] Extract EFM data in a format other than CFX


[Imported] Extract EFM data in a format other than CFX

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I'm trying to figure out if there is a way to access the RealFLO aga history in order to extract it? I see where I can call an export into CFX, but I'd rather not have to parse that if I can. Anyway I can access the history that goes into the CFX before the formatting so I can just pump it into the DB that I need it to go into?_**


In Realflo 6.81.2 simply select the history display you want, hourly or daily. Select the history you want and then you can go to File-Export-Export as CSV. I believe earlier versions have the same option.
You can also display the type of history you are exporting then select the rows you need. Click Edit-Copy and then paste into spreadsheet software. It pastes as tab separated values in a text editor.
Its not really great for a quick export but ClearSCADA with the Realflo driver is a good way to automate extracting and storing the history.