[Imported] EB45e Repeater Mode


[Imported] EB45e Repeater Mode

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User: joelw, originally posted: 2018-10-17 20:51:41 Id:103
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I want to know if the EB45e (in repeater mode) can cater to both ER450 and ER45e over the air simultaneously with ER450 operating in serial and ER45e in ethernet mode?_**


The data sent over-the-air by a Trio licensed radio (any E Series or M Series radio including the Ethernet E Series) is encapsulated within a 4 byte SLIP packet in exactly the same manner. So yes, an EB45e can repeat data from either an ER450 or an ER45e.

As a related item, this also means that an EB450 (serial only type) can also successfully repeat data from either an ER450 or ER45e. It will not have some of the advanced ethernet data handling features of the EB45e however, so if traffic loading is heavy there may be more collisions. It would be preferable in such a situation as this to use an EB45e which is ethernet-aware.