[Imported] Display 4203-DR


[Imported] Display 4203-DR

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Hi all,
Is the first time that I am going to use the 4203-DR, so I have a question of my customer: How many and what variables can I see on the display when the scadapack is in Run mode.
Flow, pressure, Total, etc.
Could I select the variables that I want to present on the display?
is there some manual where I can read more info about i?
Thank you._**


I think you get 12-15 variables that you can display on the LCD display. When you work in "Expert Mode" in Realflo you can open the sensor's settings by double clicking the sensor on the left hand side of Realflo in the project tree. In the sensor setup dialogue there is a tab for programming what is displayed on the LCD panel.
The manual you are looking for is available everywhere in Realflo by pressing the F1 key on your keyboard.
Some variables you can show:
* Current volume rate
* Current energy rate
* Current static pressure
* Current differential pressure
* Current temperature
* Yesterday's Volume
* Yesterday's Energy
* Orifice plate size (depends on meter type)
* Current time
* Last calculation time
* Calculation state