[Imported] Difference between BR10 and BR20 base radios


[Imported] Difference between BR10 and BR20 base radios

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**_Customer Question:
What's the difference between the BR10 and BR20 Base Radios?_**


The BR10 comes in a sealed, weather-proof, metal enclosure and is comprised of a transceiver for communicating with up to 100 Accutech field units over distances up to 5000ft.
The BR20 has the same Accutech radio (and functionality) as the BR10, but with an optional integrated "long-haul" Trio K-Series 900MHz radio. This allows you to extend the wireless connection (beyond the afore-mentioned 5000ft.) from the base radio to a Modbus host situated miles away, without the need for an interposing RTU next to the base radio. The BR20 also differs from the BR10 in that it is mounted within a vented metal enclosure, (similar to our SCADAPack and 5000-Series modules) and is meant to be installed within an enclosure. A companion Trio K-Series data radio would need to be used at the other end of the long-haul link.


The BR10 has the option to come enabled with Modbus RS485.
Modbus capabilities come standard with the BR20 and it also has the abilities to switch between RS232 and RS485.


Thanks for sharing such a nice details with the latest modules and techniques..