[Imported] Configure 10 minutes interval report in RealFlo


[Imported] Configure 10 minutes interval report in RealFlo

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We have a RealFlo 6 on ScadaPack32, as we know that we can get the hourly and daily reports from RealFlo.
We need to read the accumulate flow of 10 minutes intervals. Pleas, is there any way to configure, and then get the 10 minutes interval report_**


We generally use a TELEPACE program that contains a DLOG block in conjunction with RealFlo to get better logging resolution. Using this method you can DLOG the data points every ten minutes (or more often if you want) and pull out the logs with ClearSCADA or the SCADALog software.
Haven't built this in ISAGRAF but its likely easily done there as well.
For one client they log the tubing and casing pressure in the same DLOG so the production data all goes together.