[Imported] Clearscada 2015 r2 sms basic pager channel setup


[Imported] Clearscada 2015 r2 sms basic pager channel setup

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User: mchartrand, originally posted: 2018-10-25 17:39:53 Id:257
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We are currently using clearscada 2015 R2 with a cradlepoint IBR650E-VZ cell modem. We would like to send alarms to and operator cell phone so he can be mobile around the plant. The modem is set up with an IP address. When I try to configure the SMS pager channel I get an error that reads "(unable to connect to TCP/IP Port)". No matter what port I use. Is there set port I need to be using?_**


Does the IBR650E-VZ modem support a telnet AT command interface?
If so, then you would want to use the port that it supports this interface on.

It would also need to support the appropriate SMS sending commands that ClearSCADA is expecting it to, which has in the past been quite an issue.