[Imported] BR10 Base Radio terminals


[Imported] BR10 Base Radio terminals

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**_Customer Question:
What are the two terminals on the BR10 used for? They're labelled "485" and "MOD"._**


The "485" terminal allows you to connect any of the Accutech IO modules (8SW, 4AO, 4AO-8SW) to the base radio. Additionally, you can connect a PC, running Accutech Manager, to this same "485" port. The PC would most likely need an RS232-to-RS485 adaptor. The "485" port, ia an RS-485 port and it uses a proprietary communication protocol to the output modules and PC (running Accutech Manager).

The "MOD" terminal allows you to multidrop one or more Base Radios, on an RS-485 network, to a Modbus Master, like a SCADAPack, or ClearSCADA, or other Modbus Master device. The Modbus master then polls the Base Radio(s) for its associated field unit data.