[Imported] Accutech custom data display?


[Imported] Accutech custom data display?

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I work for a trade school. We have some Accutech devices that have been installed in an operating equipment lab and a BR-10 radio. They asked me to make it all work.
Do we have to add a Scadapack to be able to use the clearscuda host software to create our own display? Or can we just connect the radio to a PC running the scadaserver and the clearscada host software?????
We would like to be able to take the data and display it along with a representation of our processes on a large LCD Monitor in the lab and on PC's in the classroom. Where do I start??????_**


You don't need a SCADAPack to communicate with the BR10. You can connect ClearSCADA to the RS-485 Modbus port - with the right hardware on the PC - and poll readings from the base radio directly.
You can use Accutech Manager to configure the field units. Or, you can do the configuration directly from the local display on the base radio and field units.
All the information you need is in the user manual. Look at the section Wireless Base Radios Modbus Communications.


I have been using ClearSCADA today and creating a display. I will be using Accutech Manager to set up the devices. Can I use a smart cable and connect it between the modbus output on the Br10 and our servers rs232 input or will I need a different piece of hardware?
On using ClearSCADA to poll the BR10 will it recognize that it is polling Accutech Data like the Brochure says or will I have
give it more direction?_**


You can use the SmartCable with Accutech Manager to set up the devices.
I have not used the SmartCable with ClearSCADA, so I cannot say for sure if it will function. I've used other RS-232 to RS-485 converters which work fine.
You will have to configure points in ClearSCADA to poll the BR10. It will not automatically recognise the base radio.