[Imported] Accutech Output Modules


[Imported] Accutech Output Modules

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**Customer Question:
_How do the output modules work? Where do they get their values from?_**


There are three DIN-rail mounted Accutech output modules available:

**TBUM297526** 4AO: 4-Channel Analog Output module 4-20mA
**TBUM297527** 8SW: 8-Point Closure Output module
**TBUM297528** 4AO-8SW: 4-Channel Aout and 8 Switch Dout module

These modules are multi-dropped to the Base Radio via the proprietary protocol "485" port. Using Accutech Manager, each output module is associated with a particular field unit's data point so that an input signal on the field unit is wirelessly transmitted to the base radio, which in turn sends a corresponding output signal to a particular output module point.

For example, you could have four Accutech AI10 (2-channel analog input) field units accepting eight 4-20mA signals from field sensors. These signals would then appear on the corresponding eight analog output channels contained on two "4AO" output modules. The same applies to digital inputs and switch output modules.

Effectively, it allows you to do wireless, remote IO.