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January 2020 Monthly Updates

You can download from the Resource Center here:



Updates are a combination of our Service Pack and Hotfix releases, rolled up into a single Monthly Update for each version, inclusive of recent bug fixes and put through the latest Windows Patch testing.


Each Update is a full installation just like the Initial Release – which can be used to upgrade to the latest Monthly Update from a previous version (don’t forget to read the upgrade notes). It can also be used to start a brand-new installation. The Resource Center describes how to upgrade a redundant system with minimal loss of service – search for ‘Upgrade Strategy’. Separate Server, ViewX Client and Web Server hosts can be upgraded independently.


To assure that your download of the images are the correct and unmodified files, we include at the bottom of this email the hashes of the newly released files.


Mailing List

Please note that you may unsubscribe from this list by visiting:

If you are subscribed, we retain only your name, email address, comments and subscription choice, and emails will only be sent according to your choice.


Other Resources

Note that there is a discussion forum for Geo SCADA Expert users (new link) at:

There is a board for Geo SCADA Expert queries and also one for Telemetry Devices.


Of course, if you are subscribed to Geo SCADA Expert support then you can call the contact details within the ViewX About box for help. Find out more at:


The Future!

Geo SCADA Expert is marketed and supported by Schneider Electric and developed by Aveva Group plc. We are committed to keeping Geo SCADA Expert best in class for full featured remote SCADA, and appreciate your feedback through forums, our technical support teams and sales channels. We will be releasing more exciting new features soon!



As of January 1st, 2020, all SCADAPack devices that have an Ethernet port are shipped with enhanced cybersecurity features. In order to be able to connect your new SCADAPack for the first time, you need to have updated SCADAPack configuration software, which will allow you to configure the secure lock feature as desired.


This feature must be configured for a password not to be required before Geo SCADA Expert can be used to configure your device.


For instructions on how to configure your device, please refer to documentation available at:


Best regards,


The Geo SCADA Expert Team


File Hashes


We are sending these within this email as a separate source of verification which you can use to check that the downloads are correct. The SHA256 algorithm is used for ClearSCADA 2017 R2 onwards, with SHA1 used for previous releases. Use the command line ‘certUtil -hashfile pathToFileToCheck SHA256’ (or SHA1).





Geo SCADA Expert 2019 Jan’20



ClearSCADA 2017 R3 Jan’20



ClearSCADA 2017 R2 Jan’20



ClearSCADA 2017 Jan’20