Geo SCADA Expert 2019 - More Things to Know

Sisko Sisko

Geo SCADA Expert 2019 - More Things to Know

Geo SCADA Expert 2019 has a few more tricks you might like to be aware of. Here are three.


1) The 'F1' Help window in ViewX is now a tool window. It is like the Search or References window, in that it can be positioned to the side of the main window or can be floating, and can be pinned. The position is saved in your user's profile.


2) The Display References window shows full object names now, and there is a filter box to search these names.


3) There is a new way to set up multi-monitors to avoid the problem where Windows renumbers monitors outside our control. You can specify the absolute co-ordinates of the main and secondary window containers. This Resource Center page explains more: https://tprojects.schneider-electric.com/telemetry/display/CS/ViewX+Multiple+Monitor+Setup


All part of the service!