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Lt. Commander

Using Round

Anthony Gray​ or Michael Schmitz​, in reviewing the knowledge base on calculated measurements, i have a general question with the Round() function.

Does ROUND only work to the whole number, or is there a way to specify the number of digits that the calculation could be rounded to.  I didn't see any see any documentation on this, but am trying to work on something during UAT to test a solution for Adrià Casas​ and the Auchan project team.


Re: Using Round

ROUND only does whole numbers, but the old school trick to get a particular precision is to scale, then round, then scale back.  So if you want two digits of precision after the decimal, you'd do ROUND(<expression>*100.0) /100.0

This will  trim the precision of the number, but doesn't necessarily affect the display of that number - that's up to the chart.  So it doesn't affect whether data is displayed with following zeroes, but it does trim off unwanted precision.

Lt. Commander

Re: Using Round

Cute trick! 


Re: Using Round