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SBO QT tool for EBO 3.0




Where can I find SE SBO QT Installer for EBO 3.0 ?


I cannot find it in

Latest release is SE SBO QT Installer





Re: SBO QT tool for EBO 3.0

Hello, I don't believe that EBO 3.0 QT has been released, however ETL 5.0 (PMEtoSBO) tool can be used to extract from EBO 3 or 2).


Please follow the guides on installing ETL and updates

Configure ETL to extract from EBO/SBO and load to a Delimited File (Source,Quantity, TimestampUTC, Value)


The EDC tool is then also installed - just to send the CSV files that ETL will create.


Please see the 1page sales overview of the QT and EDC install (just use ETL where QT is listed)