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RA Usage data into PAM


was wondering if it's possible to show usage data from RA in PAM?

Like maybe there's a trick by using the RAMetric function in a calc measurement? I've tried a couple of strings (like  'Electric  Power' 'Electric Power - Usage', stuff like that) with no luck

Any idea if this can be done and how?

Basically my customer doesn't have interval data for their main meter, and would like to do a couple of things: Charts with main meters and submeters, calculate the ammount of energy not currently metered.

I could try to aggregate all submeters into RA but doesn't seem like the most efficient/clean way



Re: RA Usage data into PAM

Hi Adria, yes it can be done.  If its an index, you just use the index name.  If you are using an energy value, its a little trickier.

First, you can get the RA Metric name from 'Manage Data Streams'.  However, the trick is that it needs to be a site level data stream.  So as below, I had to create a calculated measurement called 'Site Gas', because I couldn't reference the Gas invoice data directly (it was account level).

That said, using the new PAM to RA mapping and then the Calculated Data Measurement, you should be able to go the opposite way too.  Personally, I'd probably do it in PAM too though and if need be, map the calculated measurement back into an RA Metric.  The graphing and stats are just nicer looking in PAM in my opinion

Re: RA Usage data into PAM

Thanks Kim!

that's an option I was considering so it's good to know it can be used (haven't actually tested it myself)

Let's see if maybe someone comes up with a solution that doesn't involve the creation of new metrics, or otherwise I'll go that way


Re: RA Usage data into PAM

HI Adria Casas​, pretty sure it was Michael Schmitz or Anthony Gray​ that confirmed to me that a metric has to be at the site level, for the RA metric to be available in PAM. Hope they can reconfirm for you.  Cheers!


Re: RA Usage data into PAM

Adria Casas Kim KREUTZ That is correct, it has to be at the Site level to pull into PAM.  Conversely, a PAM data stream has to exist as the Site level to pull into RA.

Michael Schmitz

Re: RA Usage data into PAM


I don't know what the effort involved would be, but you could investigate using RA to feed PAM as a data source.

Two options for extraction:

  • Resource Advisor API (might need to check if this extracts at the site or the account level
  • Automated csv report output sent to an email address of your choosing. You can schedule these outputs from the custom report builder.

You could then create a fiscal meter (or multiple if it has more than one account) and feed that meter with the data from Resource Advisor. One benefit of this approach is you could pull over more information that might be fun e.g. Consumption, Cost, Unit Cost, Contracted Demand and store these as measurements against the meter.

You are probably on top of this already but just a reminder to ensure you are using calendarized data from RA or billing periods could mess things up for you.

Absolutely no idea if it is possible or if there would be a lot of cost involved with feeding it back into PAM but in my head it seems logical.


Schneider Alumni (Retired)

Re: RA Usage data into PAM

Adria Casas​: We had a feature planned to be able to reference the RA Cost/Usage data in a PAM expression (the same way you can reference RA Index/Metric data right now, just a different syntax), but it hasn't bubbled up in the priority list vs. some of the other feature requests and new development. Right now, creating a new Site-level Metric that references the Usage data in RA, and then using that in an expression in PAM is the only way to do it.

Request noted, and I'll tag it to review in one of our next release planning meetings.


Re: RA Usage data into PAM

Hi Adria Casas​, Cynthia Ciruli​'s post reminded me I had asked this question previously!  All details in this thread here:

Can PAM interface with RA Unit Cost Values? What metrics can it interface?

Key Points:

- Unit Cost has to be created as a new calculated data stream in RA

- RA Metrics used in PAM must be at the site level

- When referencing RA Metrics, you have to use the [[IntervalCoverage=>Exact]] command too (The timezone one got fixed since)