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Resource Advisor - Performance Analytics Forum
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Lt. Commander

Quick Tip: Aggregations from PAM to RA Attributes

As you all know, one of the latest releases bring the ability to do aggregations of ANY measurement in PAM to ANY monthly metric in RA.  V1 is useful and live, but there is one major quirks that I discovered while helping the team supporting Kim KREUTZ​ for FLG; The source list for bulk configuration.

As a reminder, to get to this feature you need to go to:

  • Administration
    • Performance Analytics
    • Site Mapping
    • Click to Manage Data Aggregation tab.

Here is a simple filter driven view with some key features, including the ability to edit any individual site, or use the AutoFill Option.  To do bulk configuration you effectively filter down the sites that you care about, including the source and then use the AutoFill feature.  This give you control to adjust the key parameters of the import inlcuding:

  • Import site level interval data
  • Import Start Date
  • Import End Date

What you'll notice is that none of the metrics we might want to map show up in the Source Drop Down List.  As of 2017-11-07, the list is currently tied to just invoice type commodities:

So with the need to bulk configure 100+ sites, I was determined not to have to go and adjust each site individually.  Given that I had 1 metric and 4 invoice commodities, my quick tip is:

  1. Bulk configure ALL sources to be what you want for the metric aggregation.  Yes this
  2. Bulk configure each commodity separately to be "off" again.

This ended up being 5 steps (1 to set all, then 4 to undo each of the commodities), instead of 100+, and has proven a useful trick given the current limitation a few different times over the past couple weeks.

I felt comfortable with this solution, because the numbers update on a schedule once per day.  This gave me plenty of time to clean up the mess i made in step 1.

If you have any other quick tips on this feature, add them here!

Lt. Commander

Re: Quick Tip: Aggregations from PAM to RA Attributes

Michael Schmitz​, I hope this works for what you were looking for! 

In addition to the source list limitation, I'd also like to point out that:

  1. The refresh icon is deceiving.  To me, seeing that there means, me as the user, has control to 'force' a refresh to occur.  Any time that I have used it however, it does not force a refresh.
  2. The "last refreshed" column is useful, however when there are data streams mapped, and data is not available, it would be useful if the Last Refreshed column showed an error  knowing that  "Hey I tried, but something didn't work" would be helpful.  As an example, i have a metric mapped, and no data is showing up.  I know why, (because there is no data available in PAM to aggregate), but having that summary available as to why data isn't available from the mappings would be helpful in troubleshooting.