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New PAM Admin Training Videos - Available Now

There are two fairly comprehensive PAM training videos now available on Box, in the RA section of the Global Offer App.  PAM Admin Training Videos (link updated 2019-05-14)


The Box link takes you to the videos, and there is a topic listing file there too, telling you what you'll find in each video and the time mark to skip to for that topic.  Here's a repeat of that topic listing:


Session #1

        Internal Logins / Rider Page usage @4:10

        "Basic PAM Intro" @8:40

        Alerts @25:00

        Data Hierarchy - Setup Best Practices @30:30

        Data Aggregation through the hierarchy @32:45

        PAM Exchange Community @35:45

        RA Permissions Discussion @39:30

        Data Hierarchy - Using the Setup Tool @48:30


Session #2 (recording was corrupt, sorry!)


Session #3

        Video Training options embedded in RA @3:50

        Calculated Measurements @5:45

        Advanced Data Selector and Dynamic Dashboards @58:00

        Data Aggregation from PAM to RA for use in BA and Cost&Usage Reporting @1:25:15

        Tag-Based Aggregation within PAM @1:29:40

        Basic Alerts/Notification discussion 1:35:00

Michael Schmitz

Re: New PAM Admin Training Videos - Available Now

Awesome work thanks Mike!