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Is there value in a standard measurement expression DB?

As I start dreaming of all the nice analytics I can build with measurements, I cant help but feel that people probably have already done many of them.

So this community is nice place to blog some things, but would it be worth us building a standard expression DB somewhere?

A bit like how Building Analytics/KGS has pre-loaded algorithms, why cant we do the same for in-house purposes for PAM?

Interested to hear peoples thoughts. 


Re: Is there value in a standard measurement expression DB?

One idea I had back when we started working on tags in PAM was that if we could create standardized Category:Tag pairs, that we used across clients, then we could look at building a library of PAM charts (using One Click Mode) that could be deployed "out of the box"

Not the same as a library of expressions, but roughly the same idea applied to visualization.

There's no work happening on this at the moment, but as we gain customers and scale up it seems like an opportunity.

Michael Schmitz

Re: Is there value in a standard measurement expression DB?

There have been so many ingenious ideas that people have implemented here that Martin Mokry​ has created the Calculated Measurements Cookbook where we show samples and share our solutions to different problems.

It's not quite a searchable database integrated in the application, but shows off some of the great work around energy modeling, baselines, power triangle calculations and so on.