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Exchange Community Release - 18.4

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Exchange Community Release - 18.4

The Exchange Community 18.4 Release looked at redesigning the category ( community) landing pages and the forum landing pages to bring it inline with the new design system of the Exchange Community as well as include some components that enhance the experience for the end user. 


Some of the key aspects include : 


  1. Sorting of discussion styles ( forums , blogs) on a community ( Category)  landing page by the last updated time
  2. Display of top experts ( top solution providers ) on the community ( category) page which provides a quick way to connect with them 
  3. Display of related products associated with the posts in the community
  4. Display of top labels associated with discussions on the forum landing page
  5. Clear tabs for solved , unsolved and unanswered posts to provide a quick access to the posts.
  6. Clear CTA to subscribe to a forum 
  7. An announcements and events section for the forum landing page