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Exchange Shop : Frequently Asked Questions

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Exchange Shop : Frequently Asked Questions

Exchange Shop Basics


What are the kinds of offers that one can publish on Exchange Shop?
  • Software’s , Applications: SaaS or On-premise (downloadable)  
  • Online Trainings
  • APIs / Analytics
  • Datasets / SDKs

How can I publish my offer on Exchange Shop?

To publish content in Exchange, you must first on-board as a publisher.

  1. Log in to Exchange
  2. Navigate to “Sell Your Digital Products”  widget.
  3. Depending on your offer you can select Publish Products or Publish an API/Analytics or Publish Datasets/SDKs)

What is average time for my offer to be published on Exchange Shop?

It depends on the type of the offer. Generally, if it’s a simple non-monetized offer publication can be approved in maximum two days. And for monetized offer, it would take around one week for finance and cyber security validation.

How to get a better Google ranking for my offer and generate more visits, leads, and sales?

Keep your profile up to date! Update your profile whenever you have,

  • New features that should be added to the Features section
  • New support material (videos, brochures, customer success stories, etc.) that should be added to the Resources section
  • Any other areas of your offer content that you can improve on for better SEO

You can also refer Best Practices Publisher Guidelines for more details

Account Management


How can I add members to my company on Exchange?
  1. Login to Exchange.
  2. Find “Invite a Colleague” button and type email address of your co-worker.
  3. Your co-worker will then be notified with registration link on email.
  4. Once registration is completed using the link , your co-worker will be automatically added to your company.

How can I manage users in my company on Exchange?

Login to Exchange and navigate to Manage -> Account -> User -> Roles to manage your company members and their privileges.

Can multiple users have accesses to manage all offers created under my company?

Yes, as long as all users belong to the same company. Any user can pick up, edit and publish offers created under your company.

How can I disable my account?

Contact us at with all details included. Note that disabling your account will remove your downloaded and publishing history.


Offer Creation


My offer is not 100% ready as product profile, why?

You might have missed to fill out some mandatory fields for your product setup. Please check all the fields with * sign. Missing Features or Support email address in case of Downloadable product could prevent your from being 100% ready.

Can I use HTML tags to format my offer?

Yes, Good examples to start with are <br /> to break lines, and <b>text</b> to bold text. There are multiple free converters available online, please search in web for "text to html converters"

How do I setup Related products for my offer?

Go to Manage -> Developer ,under Profile section Related Products field  you enter product Ids of related offer. All product Ids must be separated by comma (,). Product IDs are 5-digit numbers that you find in any offer URL , 57849 is product Id for below offer.

For e.g.,:

When I press the button "Publish", will my offer be immediately visible on Exchange?

On request to "Publish", your offer is awaiting to be validated by the Exchange Content Team. Once approved, your offer is then made available on Exchange SHOP.

Can I edit my offer after clicking "Publish" button?

As an offer owner you are free to edit your offer any time and resubmit for publication.

  1. Log in to Exchange
  2. Navigate Manage -> Developer -> Products.
  3. Click Withdraw Request button to edit the offer that is not yet published.
  4. Click Edit button to edit the offer that is already published.

How can I tag third party company logo as featured customer for my offer?

To use third party customer logos on your offer, you need to obtain written permission from the customer. The customer may have their own forms (e.g., logo permission agreement) to sign and terms of what we can/can’t do with their logo (e.g., can’t modify size, color, placement, etc.). Submit the logo agreement to Exchange Content Team to feature third party customers for your offer.

Monetize your offer


What are the prerequisites to publish a monetized offer on Exchange Shop?

To monetize your offer on Schneider Electric Exchange, we request you to submit

  • Export Control Certification document.
  • Cybersecurity documents
  • Bank account details

If your company HQ is in USA, we require additional documents which will be shared by Exchange Content Team

What are the revenue models on Exchange Shop?
  • Free - No cost.
  • One time - One-time charge with no duration or billing cycle.
  • Recurring - Recommended for web applications and subscriptions.

Pricing can be configured as flat rate or price per unit as per requirement.

  • Flat Rate Price (One-time & Recurring) - Customers buy the product for a flat fee. For example, $5.00 for the product.
  • Price Per Unit (One-time & Recurring) - Customers purchase the product at a price per custom-defined unit (for example, user licenses or megabytes). For example, $1.00 per user license or $1.00 per megabyte. Additionally , your offer can have Tiered pricing depending on the usage.

Can I create a discount for my offers?

Yes. Please contact for discounts creation. Below types of discounts could be applied automatically or manually during checkout.

  • Percentage discount
  • Fixed price discount
  • Discount per unit

Lead Management


How can I enable "Contact Us" button if I don’t want to monetize my offer on Exchange?

Once your offer is ready for the publication, just press the button "Publish" and let us know under publication notes. Exchange Content team will enable Lead Management for your offer at the time of publication.

Who gets notified when a lead is created?

Exchange will send automated notification emails to all members of your company except for members with “User” privilege.

Can I integrate Lead Management process with my internal CRM?

Not at the moment, however you can download all Leads as a .csv file.