What does the Panel Builder promote in social media?


Re: What does the Panel Builder promote in social media?

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As the person being ''kinda'' responsible for maintaining the Facebook page of the Panel Builder I work for.
I feel a bit responsible for giving an answer to this :).


The intentions are foremost bigger then they currently are (at least for my company). In my country panel builders are mostly not that big of an office/company. We got a lot of smaller panel builders out there. As far as I know most of them don't have an employee responsible for maintaining social media pages.

That said; my primary job is to calculate and prepare panels for production. Due too having several responsibilities, maintaining the social media page is one of the lesser important ones. So what I can do in the time I get or have with the social media page is not the standard which it should be used for, at least that is how I think about it.

So lets talk about what I think is the main importance and intention of having a social media page for a panel builder;

- Creating an interesting story line full of posts of current and past projects with nice inside info (be careful and ask project managers/clients for permission before releasing or posting certain info).

- Being interactive with customers and people outside of your company for free advertisement.

- Relatively quick and direct satisfactorily answers on questions asked directly via the social media chat/messages.

- Getting a diverse and quick link with other social media or websites of the company.

- Easy access to company info which makes the company easier to find and approach.

As to answer the question in the subject; A panel builder should promote its current, past or future projects (with agreement of the customer for publication of course)
Also promoting the way the panel builder works, how its done in the workshop etc. might get you more attention.

Hope my answer/addition is of any help and/or good enough.
Good luck!

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Re: What does the Panel Builder promote in social media?

Thanks a lot Eltechna! Very, very valuable proposal. For me, the promotion can be also related to innovation, creativity, something which is adding value to be shared with the community for possible co-development. The place where people can join knoledge and efforts together. Not only related to the panel building activity but also to the electrical design, system integration, data collection and extraction, analytics. Everything which can help for more resilient, sustainable and safety electrical world.

For example segment approach (data centers, hospitals, critical industry) is a real playground for cocreation and collaboration and social media can contribute but we need a specialized platforms to prioritize and focus!

Thanks for the comment!


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