Reduce risk for electrical maintenance staff

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Reduce risk for electrical maintenance staff

Large industrial are scared by risk of electrical accidents of their maintenance staff.

We can see growing the requests for improving safety when maintaining switchboards.

Did someone already set-up any process or system for such purpose?


Looking forward to hearing your experiences!

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Re: Reduce risk for electrical maintenance staff

Under specific circumstances, qualified professionals may need to access and work near energized equipment to perform testing, troubleshooting, and diagnostics. They are thereby subject to the risk of internal arc fault which is a growing concern. MasterPact MTZ circuit breakers with the “Energy Reduction Maintenance Settings” digital module provide an answer to this issue.

The ERMS function is used to reduce the LSIG protection settings in order to trip

faster when an internal arc fault occurs. As soon as ERMS is engaged, the ERMS LSIG factory settings are automatically replaced by the ERMS LSIG customized settings:

ERMS can be engaged/disengaged through the Ecostruxure Power Device App app

(there is a digital lock between Ecostruxure Power Device App app and MicroLogic X

control unit). ERMS can also be engaged/ disengaged through an external lockable

selector switch.

When ERMS is engaged, the corresponding information is made available as


bbon the MicroLogic X front face with the ERMS blue LED

bbon the MicroLogic X embedded display with the blue backlight

bbon an external light with the additional dedicated ESM hardware module

bbon a PC with EcoStruxure Power Commission software

bbthrough the customer communications network (Ethernet or Modbus SL)



Re: Reduce risk for electrical maintenance staff


Electrical accident for personnal is still high for both LV and MV equipment.

To mitigate the arc accident, there are solutions allows to open circuits in shorter time and reduce the fault exposure to personnel.

Base on light detection, the system can detect the arc flash fault and send the order to open the circuit breaker in less than 2ms.

Advanced solutions allows to coordinate switching devices to isolated the faulty zone form the network.

Take a look to Arc flash risks :



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