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5 Tips to Transform your business through Partnerships in this IDC Study

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5 Tips to Transform your business through Partnerships in this IDC Study






Build your business through leveraging partnerships through Schneider Electric Exchange. A blueprint for success by IDC and Schneider Electric


Your customers’ needs are changing every day, thanks to a steady stream of digital innovations. That means your business has to change, too, in order to capitalize on new opportunities. And that involves working in an open and collaborative ecosystem of partners, allowing you to enhance your skills and expertise.



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Here are 5 tips you can use now to transform your business today:


What should you do to evolve your business and stay ahead of the competition? IDC identifies five key actions adopted by panel builders, contractors, design engineers, and other industry players, including developing a sales playbook based on “use cases” and identifying and building new revenue streams. Here are 5 keys to transforming your business:



1) Grow your business by focusing on new skills, offering new services, and adopting new go-to-market models.


2) Maximize your efficiency to reduce energy costs, CO2 emissions, and operating expenditures.


3) Get better together by teaming with strategic vendors to build new offers, develop recurring revenue streams, and enhance your business resilience.


4) Differentiate through sustainability – demonstrated by both you and your partners – to be viewed more favorably by customers.


5) Experience success as you expand into new markets, enhance your expertise and know-how, and meet changing customer needs based on new technologies.


We’re ready to help you evolve your business to better serve your customers in today’s digitally transformed world. Download the InfoBrief from IDC now for insights as you embark on your digital journey.



Did you know?

Digitalization and electrification are re-writing the rules for how our partners are generating new business. Consider these facts:

  • 71% of partners are now selling via marketplace ecosystems
  • 67% are collaborating or considering collaborating with professional peers
  • 60% of customers now incorporate sustainability metrics into their RFPs

Learn what’s driving these industry trends – and how you can take advantage of them


Changing how you sell and serve

Partners are developing new skills, new services, and new go-to-market models to ensure their future success – because customer expectations are changing:

  • 76% of customers expect you to provide online content that allows them to do their own research on offerings
  • 74% view your ability to provide virtual demos as a key differentiator as they evaluate your offerings
  • 76% view your ability to provide remote diagnostics and repair as a key differentiator
  • 75% value partners that can offer predictive and preventative monitoring and notification

Learn why solutions that enable software-driven innovation are becoming a priority for your customers.


Save customers money while saving the planet

Implementing next-generation intelligent approaches to power management can help deliver the efficiencies modern businesses need while enabling them to achieve sustainability targets. For example, Schneider Electric EcoStruxure solutions can help deliver efficiency gains up to 20% in the following areas:

  • Energy and maintenance costs
  • CO2 emissions reduction
  • Capex savings

In addition, proactive maintenance achieved through electrical infrastructure telemetry and smart analytics can significantly reduce operational downtime and losses. 


The world is going digital. Don’t get left behind!

By 2022, 65% of global GDP will be digitalized. Discover how that opens up new opportunities for you to add value to your current offerings.


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