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What is LoRaWAN? Learn more about it…

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What is LoRaWAN? Learn more about it…

Nowadays, as digitization of electricity and IoT are increasingly penetrating the power distribution market, LoRaWAN is more and more a subject (espec. in Europe).


LoRaWAN stands for Long Range Wide Area Network.


It is a protocol that easily enables to connect and manage electrical assets.


LoRaWAN logo.JPG


As example, with LoRaWAN & PrismaSeT Active, you can keep an eye on your electrical installation and ensure the full efficiency and safety of your facility.


Discover LoRaWAN protocol in the short video below and find out how it natively connects PrismaSeT Active switchboards.



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Julien Travostino
Power Distribution & Digital forum community owner
Power Products Div.
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