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MasterPacT MTZ - Enabling Power Availability & Reliability

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MasterPacT MTZ - Enabling Power Availability & Reliability

Power Availability & Reliability are major stakes for any business.

But in hospitals, as example, they even become critical !


Schneider Electric offers the MasterPacT MTZ Circuit Breaker: an electrical circuit breaker made for your building's electrical distribution system.


Watch the video below to discover how it can help you increase your business continuity:


To know more about all the features and benefits of MasterPacT MTZ, click on it 👇


MasterPacT MTZMasterPacT MTZ


Any question about this offer?

Do not hesitate to ask your community of experts and peers..... 😉



Julien Travostino
Power Distribution & Digital forum community owner
Power Products Div.
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