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Eltechna & Schneider Electric Future Roadshow

Lt. Commander
Lt. Commander

Eltechna & Schneider Electric Future Roadshow

In cooperation with Schneider Electric, Eltechna was able to be the first panelbuilder in The Netherlands to host and organize the Future Roadshow event on thursday 28th of October.

Several clients and visitors of Eltechna were informed and presented with the new Compact NSX, Prisma Set Active and what this brings for the road ahead (presented by @Jos-Jansen) They also got a taste of the new verhicle charging stations (presented by @ Stephanie-Bunt)

Not to be forgotten, this event was accompanied by a nice meal in the form of a buffet for every guest.

Presentation by Jos Jansen (Schneider Electric)Presentation by Jos Jansen (Schneider Electric)




Realistic Role: (Electrical) Engineer ~ Implementation Cöordinator Panel Building @ Eltechna
Fictional (Star Trek) Role: Chief Engineer aboard NLD - Eltechna 01 (Amersfoort)
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Re: Eltechna & Schneider Electric Future Roadshow

Thank you very much @RHH-Eltechna for sharing !!


Congratulations to Eltechna! Partnership in motion !

..and I hope your clients appreciated the event by the way...




Julien Travostino
Power Distribution & Digital forum community owner
Power Products Div.
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